About This Project

Fur is a first-person puzzle game where the player explores an exciting world inhabited by adorable creatures called Furs! The player rescues these creatures, nurtures and cares for them, and throws them around to solve puzzles! This game was inspired by a desire to create a unique player-AI relationship founded on exploration, puzzle-solving, and the need to love these creatures. The game won 4 awards at the 2018 MassDiGI Game Challenge.

My Role

Game Designer


Unity 2017.1




3 Developers

Windows Teaser Build
Details and Experience

I heavily contributed to the vision behind Fur, a game intent on creating a unique player-AI relationship. Inspiration came from games such as Pikmin and Slime Rancher. I designed levels, UX, and other major elements of Fur with the intention of appealing to player’s hearts.


Grand Prize Winner

College Beta Category Winner

Best Business Model

Best Audio