Don't Shoot Us
About This Project

Don’t Shoot Us is a fast-paced top-down shoot-em up where the player fights off waves of zombies, saves fleeing survivors, and racks up high-scores! The game features a dynamic difficulty scale that increases over a five minute gameplay session. It features both single player and local cooperative play.


This game competed in the College Beta category at the 2017 MassDiGI Game Challenge at Microsoft’s NERD Center in Cambridge, MA. It won 3rd Place in its category.

My Role

UX Design


Quality Assurance


Unity 5.4




4 Developers

Windows Build
Details and Experience

I used information gleaned from playtesting sessions to design new features and redesign stale features with the goal of improving overall user experience.

I analyzed game features and orchestrated playtesting sessions where I observed and documented player experiences for insights into how the game’s user experience could be improved.